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Aging well

Over 90% of senior homeowners would prefer to age in place rather than move to senior housing. Handy Hometown Services would love to help make your home suitable for your specific condition.  We can perform installation and remodeling services that can help you or your loved ones remain in their own home as they age, and do so safely, independently, and comfortably.

All of our work is performed by professional craftsmen who walk you through the process every step of the way for a simple and seamless experience, helping you make the best decision for your home safety.

  • Grab bar installation
  • Accessibility ramp installation
  • Shower seat installation
  • Walk-in tub installation
  • Zero-threshold/walk-in shower installation
  • Anti-scald device installation
  • Motion-sensor faucet installation
  • Countertop height remodeling
  • Keypad11 door lock installation
  • Roll-out shelving installation
  • Anti-slip flooring installation
  • Motion-sensor lighting installation
  • Door-widening (offset) hinge installation
  • Shelf/cabinet lowering
  • Stairlift installation
  • Door camera/caregiver camera installation

Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to repairing and maintaining a healthy beautiful home, there is a lot of planning and work involved. You can count on Handy Hometown Services for all of your general home maintenance needs. From door or window replacement and blinds and picture installation to cleaning the gutters or hanging Christmas light, our professionals will take care of everything!  

Call the one stop fix your home shop to get your list done quickly and professionally.

  • Window Installation/Repairs
  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning/sealing
  • Weather stripping replacement/Installation
  • Re-Caulking & old Caulk removal
  • Installation or Replacement of Cabinet Hardware
  • Flat screen TV Installation
  • Install interior and/or exterior doors
  • Hang pictures and mirrors
  • Install blinds, curtains, and window coverings
  • Replace or Install gates locks, door knobs, deadbolts, door hardware
  • Change batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Hang Christmas lights and other holiday decorations
  • Changing Light bulbs
  • And More!


Whether you need to install a hood vent for your stove, new refrigerator, a dryer and washing machine combo or anything from Ikea, we can do that! Let us know if you would like to have us help you with your various installation needs

  • Washer and dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven vent
  • Ikea products
  • Dishwasher
  • Sheds
  • Oven/stove

Doors & Windows

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Are you trying to find more space to store your precious possessions? Feeling extremely unorganized with your living space? We have all been there.  Let the professionals at Handy Hometown Services help you feel more comfortable in your home. Our crafts build the extra storage space where they’re at be shelving units, sheds, or bookshelves to help you get a little more organized.

  • Sheds
  • Book shelves
  • Storage shelves
  • Garden sheds
  • Shelf assembly
  • New additions

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